As Megprojec, we serve our customers as quality control and process control partners. Together with our expert team on quality systems, we take an active role in the controls of the productions in accordance with the standards. The opportunities our team offers to our customers are as follows;

  • Non-Destructive Tests

a- Radiographic Test

b- Ultrasonic Test

c- Liquid Penetrant Test

d- Magnetic Particle Test

e- Visual Inspection


  • Follow-up and control of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Evaluation of Welding Procedures (PQR)

a- ASME standards

b- ISO standards

c- EN standards

d- AWS standards

e- API standards

  • 3rd Party Inspection
  • Blasting and Paint / Coating control
  • Preparation or control of quality files

Our company provides services impartially and by creating trust while carrying out quality process activities.

Some examples of our services:


Our Certificates


Project Designing

As Megprojec, we create 2D / 3D custom designs based on your technical specifications using Autocad and Solidworks

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Logistics and Customs

Depending on your requirement, we provide suitable transportation and prepare all the necessary custom papers in Turkey and abroad.

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