As Megprojec, we provide steel structures and lifting equipment used in crane, steel, cement, dredging, ports and oil gas industries.

We specialize in custom designs that require special attention during production and quality control.

We manufacture the cabins for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, process cranes and special cranes in line with customer requests. As Megprojec, we would be happy to develop and grow together with our new customers.



Some of the our offered products are:

  • Crane and Operator Cabins
  • Electrical Rooms
  • General Structure Containers
  • Steel Structures 
  • Tanks and Cylinders

Please contact us to get the best possible offer.

Our example projects:



Quality Services

We offer comprehensive Quality Services including dimension control, surface control, welding control, painting control.

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Project Designing

As Megprojec, we create 2D / 3D custom designs based on your technical specifications using Autocad and Solidworks

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