We specialize in Custom Design and Production.

Our expertise in crane equipment and steel structures enables us to offer a wide range of solutions that cater to various industries and applications. From project planning to delivery, we ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Megprojec: Building the Foundation for Industrial Lifting Strength


At Megprojec, we understand the critical role crane steel structures play in industrial operations. Our robust steel buildings are designed to be the backbone of your lifting operations, ensuring efficient, safe, and high-capacity material handling for years to come.


Strength You Can Rely On:

Megprojec crane steel structures are built with strength and durability in mind. We utilize high-quality steel that can withstand the immense weight and stresses exerted by even the heaviest cranes, providing a long-lasting foundation for your lifting needs.


Cost-Effective Solutions:

We understand budgets are important. And at Megprojec, we offer cost effective solutions for crane cabins, transformer rooms, switchgear containers, electrical containers and containers


Designed for Your Needs:

Flexibility is key. Our team of experienced engineers can design and fabricate crane steel structures to meet your specific requirements. Whether you have a single crane or a complex multi-crane system, we can create a customized solution that perfectly integrates with your facility.

Crane Equipment Manufacturing: At Megprojec, we manufacture high-quality crane equipment components, crane cabins, electrical rooms and containers that seamlessly integrate with your custom-designed steel structure.  


Custom-Built Crane Cabins: We understand operator comfort and safety are paramount. Megprojec designs and manufactures ergonomic crane cabins that provide a clear view of the work area, incorporate climate control systems for various environments, and prioritize operator well-being.


Electrical Rooms: At Megprojec, our team designs and builds electrical rooms that meet stringent safety regulations. These rooms house the electrical components that power your crane, ensuring optimal functionality and protecting sensitive equipment from environmental factors.


Turnkey Project Management: We handle everything from initial design and fabrication to final production. Our team takes the lead, ensuring a smooth and efficient project experience.


Ongoing Support: Our commitment extends beyond project completion. Megprojec offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your crane cabin, electrical room, and steel structure, guaranteeing continued safe and reliable operation.


Partner with us at Megprojec and experience the difference. We are your trusted partner for building the foundation of your industrial lifting strength.


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Projects Taken





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Logistics and Customs

Depending on your requirement, we provide suitable transportation and prepare all the necessary custom papers in Turkey and abroad.


Quality Services

We offer comprehensive Quality Services including dimension control, surface control, welding control, painting control.


Project Designing

As Megprojec, we create 2D / 3D custom designs based on your technical specifications using Autocad and Solidworks


Offered Products

As Megprojec, we provide steel structures and lifting equipment used in crane, steel, cement, dredging, ports and oil gas industries.

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